The program organizes Refugee Community Education Campaign, launch a Refugee Scholar Recognition program, provides college access support assistance and case management, organize and facilitate a peer support group, and create a Refugee Scholar Collaborative.

Many refugee youth who are dedicated to their families and communities regularly interpret for community members in the emergency room or the post office, organize field trips for mosque or church members, oversee youngsters and navigate daily life for their elders. These practices and values meet some of highest standards promoted by American colleges and universities about democracy, community engagement, civic involvement, personal and social responsibility, intellectual and practical skills and integrative learning. For refugee youth wishing for a college education, Service Learning is the way their voluntary efforts are transformed into deliberate, documented skills valued by progressive, competitive colleges and universities.

Our mission at the NCASC Refugee Scholars Program (RSP) is to Educate, Involve and Empower refugee youth, their parents and our communities to overcome barriers and succeed in higher education. We encourage you to connect with us to get started, to take the right courses and participate in the activities at high school, to assist you and your parents with your education success.

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Refugee Scholars Program, African Services Coalition
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Crysyal Zellous, RSP Program Coordinator

Wosen Negussie, RSP Case Consultant