Co-Sponsor Refugee Families

A co-sponsorship is the commitment of community supporters to partner with NCASC in serving specific families for up to six months after arrival to the US. The co-sponsorship model was designed to connect new arrivals with community support teams that will support them by:

Pre arrival purchases: Commit to providing home furnishings, kitchen and household items, and hygiene and cleaning items. (Furniture may be donated)

Apartment/ Home setup: Facilitate home setup based on family details and needs as provided by NCASC.

Airport Reception: Meet the family upon arrival to the Greensboro Airport alongside an NCASC staff member and interpreter. Provide assistance with transporting the client/ family to their home.

Welcome Home: Welcome the client/ family to their fully furnished home. Provide assistance to NASC staff and interpreter in a home orientation to ensure the client if aware of appliances and home devices.

Welcome Meal: Prepare a HOT and CULTURALLY APPROPRIATE meal, ready for clients to enjoy immediately upon arrival to their home.

Seasonal Clothing: Provide seasonally appropriate clothing and footwear for all family members to wear for work, school, and everyday use.

Conversation: Help clients improve English skills by offering regular conversation that will also be beneficial in becoming familiar with American Culture.

Friendship: Respecting, understanding, and accepting differences. Allowing clients to share their lives with you as you share yours with them.