No-cost Job Placement of Refugees

African Services Coalition provides no-cost job placement of refugees who are legally eligible to work in the United States. Our highly knowledgeable employment staff offers a variety of services to help your company reach its bottom line while supporting the community.

Our employment staff will:

  • Provide an on-site assessment of your employment needs;
  • Assess, screen and refer only qualified candidates;
  • Assist with interpretation and translations as necessary at the worksite;
  • Assist with all employment documentation including applications, I-9’s, W-4’s and e-verify;
  • Follow up with new hires and provide additional support as necessary.

How will your company benefit from hiring refugees?
Economic Development
Helping immigrants learn

How will your company benefit from hiring refugees?

Experience: Refugees come to the United States with a variety of backgrounds; some are accredited in professional and technical fields while others are seeking entry-level positions. This wealth and variety of experiences often translates into quick learning and efficiency in the workplace.

Determination: Refugees have come to the United States to start their new lives against all odds. They have faced many challenges and continue to triumph. This determination and resilience proves to be an impressive asset in the workforce. Seeking any opportunity to support themselves, refugees prove to be industrious, reliable, and highly motivated.

Helping your community: Employing a refugee helps them to become economically self-sufficient, builds their self-esteem and honors their dignity. For individuals who have often spent many years in refugee camps, the ability to function independently of public aid is not taken for granted.

Employment Authorized: All individuals sponsored by African Services Coalition have been legally admitted to the U.S. under Section 207 of the Immigration and Nationality Act and are employment authorized.